Alongside mold manufacturing, we have always offered a full suite of services that enhance the effectiveness of our products and ensure top-notch assistance for our clients. This is key to fostering fruitful client relationships and mutual growth.

New product development

Throughout every phase of product development, your needs are paramount to us, from preliminary meetings right through to final production. And this is especially crucial for defining and developing bespoke packaging solutions, where we have all the experience and resources to ensure a close, proactive and effective co-design collaboration with you. To offer you first rate services and support, we have a highly specialised team, an ultra-modern technical department for design, solid modelling and CNC programming, and machinery and a state-of-the-art laboratory where we can conduct all processes in-house, including 3D inspection. This means we can we can guarantee you the highest standards of service – always.

Aftersales service

We establish relationships with our clients that continue long after the purchase and delivery of our products. Central to our vision of quality of service is our determination to provide support years after purchase of our product. This means we're always here when you need us to deal with any problems that may arise.

CUSTOMER SERVICE T +39 0439 750038


We work in close partnership with you to design and manufacture your exclusive bespoke plastic containers, meeting the most stringent quality standards and exploiting to the full all the advantages that co-design has to offer. Developing such exacting products has always been both a challenge and an opportunity for mutual enrichment, for both Tecnowerk and our clients.


In-depth knowledge of the business area is key to solving production issues in a company. That’s why we offer you a full consultancy service, to help you come up with the best solution for each specific need. Our consulting team is always on hand to assist you.