The advantages of working with us are the wealth of strengths that set Tecnowerk apart from our competitors, attained through ethical and business choices, and also thanks to our extensive expertise gained through our many years in the business.

Made in Italy

At the heart of Tecnowerk Plast’s expertise is continuous innovation, and all manufacturing is conducted exclusively in Italy. All projects, technologies and materials research are conducted entirely by Italian experts. The entire production process is carried out in Italian-based production facilities and subject to rigorous quality controls. It’s not enough to simply write “Made in Italy” – it has to be part of your DNA.

Agri-food safety

From a technical viewpoint, containers that come into contact with food must meet certain safety requirements concerning the compatibility between the material itself and the intended food product. It’s vital that there is no reaction or material transfer between the container and the foodstuff it contains. Tecnowerk manufactures certified containers so we meet all safety requirements.

Niche products

We also design and manufacture niche or short-run products for clients who require unique, original and exclusive containers. We can provide complex, high-quality solutions in terms of shape, materials and colours and guarantee quality and safety of the highest order.