Alongside mold manufacturing, we have always offered a full suite of services that enhance the effectiveness of our products and ensure top-notch assistance for our clients. This is key to fostering fruitful client relationships and mutual growth.

New Product Development and Automation

Our clients’ needs are paramount for us: from initial consultation to planning and maintenance, we place the utmost importance on creating fully tailored solutions. We offer a 360° service encompassing design, development, build and on-site installation of turnkey systems. This includes studying the layout of the production site, thus guaranteeing you can start production immediately. We boast a team of highly specialised personnel, a cutting-edge design department, solid modelling and CNC programming, as well as machinery and a state-of-the-art laboratory capable of carrying out all processes in house, including 3D inspection. This means we can we can guarantee you the highest standards of service – always.

Aftersales service

The relationship we wish to establish with our clients doesn’t simply end when you purchase one of our products; we offer you complete support, which continues years after you purchase our product. So you have the peace of mind of knowing we’re just a phone call away should problems arise.

CUSTOMER SERVICE T +39 0439 750038

Maintenance and Spares

At Tecnowerk, client satisfaction doesn't just mean the assurance of high quality molds – we also provide full after-sales assistance dedicated to maintenance. Each mold is checked throughout its long life cycle, thus ensuring first-rate performance over time. Optimal performance can only be achieved by providing components that are perfectly tailored to the specific needs of each individual mold. This is the only way to ensure the highest quality. We guarantee the availability of spare parts, and have a dedicated team to manage all technical aspects and maintain a close relationship with our clients.

Installation and Start-up Service

When requested, we can handle all production start-up phases of our molds and automations directly on site in your factory and carry out all necessary training.


Very often, the 3D model our clients provide and which is then used for the design of the mold lacks the technical and functional characteristics it should have. When this happens, our strength as a company comes to the fore: we work closely with clients to come up with proposals and alternative solutions to ensure the end result fulfils its purpose flawlessly. With the assistance of rapid prototyping, we can define all aesthetic and functional requirements.


During the design, production and assembly phases, all molds are meticulously checked and calibrated. However, after years of use, you may notice some misalignment or wear. That’s where our retrofitting service comes into its own: our technicians are able to refurbish and ensure the quality and precision of our molds, giving you the peace of mind that functionality is maintained over time.


In-depth knowledge of the business area is key to solving production issues in a company. That’s why we offer you a full consultancy service, to help you come up with the best solution for each specific need. Our consulting team is always on hand to assist you.

Turnkey Solutions

System Integration Services mean you can set up all components of a given manufacturing system at our technical centre. Our years of experience in constructing tools for automation allows us to design complete turnkey systems.


System Integration Services allow you to install all components for a given manufacturing process at our technical centre. Here, we conduct comprehensive system testing and optimisation, employing various grades of resin, labelling cycles, mold making and robotics to ensure your staff can become familiar with the overall coordinated processing steps and technologies.

Pilot Work & Trial Lab

In order to identify the true nature of technical issues associated with products, or simply to provide industrial pre-production models, we can create simplified but functional pilot molds to keep costs for these phases to a minimum.

FEM and Moldflow Analysis

In order to ensure the feasibility of a given feature, precise analysis using state-of-the-art simulation software is paramount. This provides the key metrics to ensure the end product conforms to the inputs entered.